5 Style Lies Carrie Bradshaw Told Us

5 Style Lies Carrie Bradshaw Told Us

Posted by MinkoffPeter on August 8, 2017
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Some may deny to having watched the show, making it fall into the category of ‘guilty pleasures’, but we’ve all watched it. After seeing every episode at least six times, one ‘can’t help but notice’ all the annoying things one might’ve missed when watching the show the first time. Most of our annoyance is aimed at Carrie in particular, because, as we watch we grow increasingly aware of her infidelity, whining, self-centeredness, which in turn results in the character’s complete lack of relatability. While we could focus on her personal flaws for days, today’s sole focus is on the unforgivable fashion lies Carrie has told us over the course of six seasons and two movies, and we’ve carefully searched to highlight some of the biggest ones.

We need to talk about the shoes

First off, let’s discuss the financial plausibility of owning 100 pairs of shoes when you’re writing a weekly 300-word column in New York City. Even if all her meals, nights out in Manhattan’s trendiest places and her rent were paid for by someone else, there is no way she could afford this number of shoes at ‘400 hundred bucks a pop’. Secondly, what woman in this world could be running around town in ten-inch heels every single day and have her feet live to tell the tale. However, one of the most annoying things is that she made us believe that we could get away with a pair of stilettos during those chilly New York winters. The woman was seen wearing actual boots three times during six years – when she walks home and sees ‘the politician’ sitting on her stoop, that time she falls in Dior, and the day of the funeral when she has that fight with Miranda about the Russian. Girl, no one gets away with heels on ice.

New boyfriend, new style

Isn’t it ridiculous that Carrie keeps changing her style every time a new man enters her life? With Big, she was ‘the sexy Carrie, the together Carrie’. Then came the Politician and she was all of a sudden all ‘campaign wife’ looking. Let’s not forget about Aiden, the classic, rustic American. As soon as she met him, she went all equestrian, complete with that ridiculous cow-patch jacket. With Burger, the writer, she adopted a casual ‘no couture’ demure dresses and jeans look (aside from that deal-breaking Prada thing). Finally, once Petrovsky came into the picture, she went full glamazon with over-the-top gowns. By doing this, she sent a message that you need a certain look to match the man you’re with and that’s wrong on so many levels.


Self-contradicting moves

In the episode where Amalita buys the Dolce shoes for Carrie, they’re furry. Then in season six, Samantha suggests she buys the shoes to jumpstart her sex life with Burger and she says: “I don’t wear furry shoes.” (?!). While on the subject of Burger, she gives him so much grief about the scrunchie thing, yet she was caught wearing one in the episode where Miranda is pregnant. She deems it unacceptable for any self-respecting New Yorker to be seen wearing a scrunchie, but it’s perfectly ok to run around town in your pajamas (complete with pearls and a glitter turban)?! In the second movie, when they journey to Abu Dhabi, she nags Samantha about covering up, but she has no problem wearing a high-slit sleeveless dress to her dinner with Aiden. The only good thing she remembers to put on is a kaftan, which did suit the occasion and the environment, but almost everything else she wore attracted attention, which is the opposite of what one should do in Abu Dhabi.

You can pull off everything

The number of fashion no-no outfits she wore could take up an entire book, but we’ll highlight the two biggest ones. First is the time she falls in a pond and comes home wearing nothing but Big’s white shirt and a belt? No pants – no way! The second is that god-awful ensemble with lots of ruching, a brooch, long gold chain, a head wrap, and two bags. Not only is this an overkill, but it’s totally unpractical as well.

Dressing for the part

Having spent the impossible to earn 40k on shoes, she still manages to wear couture (and aside from the fur coat) never repeat an outfit. Who has that kind of money, especially when owing a friend for the down payment on the apartment and paying mortgage? Every night featured a different high-fashion outfit. Even when you’re ‘big in France’ there’s no way you can spend six years with no repeated outfits.

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5 Style Lies Carrie Bradshaw Told Us

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